As a ‘Saltwater’ Koori girl I have always had a deep connection and fascination with water. Living near, visiting and swimming in saltwater is a very spiritual experience for me.
It’s also a place of healing that I visit often to reconnect with country, mother earth, and my mob that are now in the land of the dreaming.
Expressing my connection to water through art is an important and special process for me. Capturing this on canvas, river rock or glass mediums through my ‘Waterhole’ and ‘Water Dreaming’ series, is a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience as an Aboriginal woman and artist.
I hope that you enjoy my ‘Water Dreaming’ series, and that my love of the water and my connection to it is captured in my canvas artworks and homewares range.
I look forward to creating other water inspired pieces of artwork to share with you all.

“As an Aboriginal artist, I am inspired and driven by the depth of Aboriginal culture and my place within it. Sharing my stories and expressing my connection to family, my people and country through art is a spiritual and rewarding experience.”

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